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Heyy! Sayyyy! Although I said I'll update soon, I'm just updating now lol. Sorry! T^T

Ever since I got here in Japan, the first thing I did was to have fun of course! Hahahaha! I went to see tourist spots and other places in Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Mt. Fuji, Harajuku, Yokohama, Asakusa, Ueno etc! But of course the fun wouldn't last that long! Haha! Although everyday is somehow fun in their own ways, I'm currently struggling with readings and assignments since school started already hahaha! The most challenging part for me is my Japanese class. In my home university, my professors explained Japanese grammar patterns using Japanese and our native language or English. However, the level I enrolled in here in Japan is slightly higher than the level I'm supposed to study in my home university (it's just level 3 out of 8 guys please don't think my level is high lol xD). And so here they teach and explain to us Japanese grammar using Japanese language only! @.@ So hard! But I'll do my best!! I want to become better! :)


Okay going to the real update now~ :) THE HIGHLIGHT SO FAR IN MY STAY HERE IS THAT I WATCHED HEY! SAY! JUMP's DEAR CONCERT LAST OCT. 7! Ohmygosh! I still can't believe it!  It's like a dream! I want to repeat that day again if possible but it's not huhuhu... All the members were so handsome!! I tell you guys... ALL OF THEM! Their hairstyles suit them! But Inoo still needs to cut his hair lol. Their performances were so good and they were so funny! ️ I love Hey! Say JUMP so much! They're one of my favorite groups! Uhm maybe...they are already my favorite group? Mostly because of Inoo and Hikaru and of course because of the group's bond and craziness hahaha! But honestly, I think I like other groups' songs more. However, when I watched their Dear concert, their performances were so good that I came to appreciate and love their music more! No one else can sing Hey! Say! JUMP's songs better than them. Their songs have their own charm!

十月七日にHey! Say! JUMPのコンサートに行った!やばい!今も信じられない!夢みたいだよ!もう一度その日に戻りたい ;_; でも無理だよね〜 Hey! Say! JUMPの皆はとてもすごくて、かっこ良かった!!皆の髪形が皆に似合った。伊野尾ちゃんはすごく可愛くて、かっこよかったけど、髪をちょっと切った方がいいと思う。(笑)皆も面白かった!あ〜 Hey! Say! JUMPが大好き!️ たぶん、今はHey! Say! JUMPが私の一番好きなグループと思う。その理由は伊野尾ちゃんが一番好きなこと、光くんも好きなこと、皆は仲良くて、面白いことだ。でも、実は他のグループの音楽の方がちょっと好きと思う。でも、Hey! Say! JUMPのコンサートに初めて行って、皆は素晴らしくて、彼らの音楽がもっと好きになった!Hey! Say! JUMPは自分のスタイルがある。それを見た

If you're interested in reading some of the fan reports I tweeted, you can go to my twitter @Meari_inookay :) But I think you have to scroll down more now since my last fan report was around October 9 </3 sorry!

(My Japanese is not yet good so I probably have mistakes lol. I just tried translating what I said in Japanese too so that I could practice hehe. 😅)
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