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Hello everyone! I really like InoHika so I decided to translate this part from the latest issue of Wink Up. They were featured here as one of JUMP's combi who gets along well. They are so cute! <3 I hope they'll have more moments together especially on videos because I also want to see their reactions not just voices like in Rajira ahahaha!

Note: I am not a native English and Japanese speaker so my translation may not be 100% accurate. Feel free to correct me if you notice any mistakes :D It was quite difficult to understand some of what they said >< and I didn't have the time to proofread this so... yeah sorry ><

InoHika’s progress

2003 – They met in Ya-ya-yah
Inoo has been touched by Yabu and Hikaru lately
Inoo: Lately, Yabu and Hikaru has been teasing me! When they see me, for example on the set of Ya-ya-yah, they immediately do so.
Hikaru: It’s because Inoo-chan won’t tell me his mail address!
Inoo: Or rather, you haven’t even asked for it even once (laughs)!

2004 – The tv programs that they appear together increased
*There’s no comment about this topic*

2005 – They went to Hawaii and it was their first time that their picture was printed on the same page
They sat beside each other during their flight to Hawaii
Inoo: The first time I got my passport was 3-4 years ago. It was my first time to go overseas so I was happy.
Yabu: How was Hawaii?
Inoo: Hikaru kept on talking while we were on the airplane but his mood suddenly went bad…
Hikaru: I wasn’t in a bad mood! *in a soft voice*Now I’ve lost interest with Inoo-chan
Inoo: I can hear you properly though (laughs)!
Hikaru: On the contrary, that story has no connection with Hawaii at all (laughs)!

2006 – They were put in the same group as KittyGYM
They can properly have a conversation already at that time (note: I guess in a magazine interview?)
Both judged the order of their unit name negatively (When Hikaru becomes Kitayama’s age, he was told that he’ll become very senior)
Hikaru: Stop it with those weird intuitions
Inoo: *in monotone* yeah, it seems like it’ll be like that.
Hikaru: What’s with that overly lazy reply!
Inoo: Okay okay. In the future, it seems like Hikaru would be a violent person. Just kidding!!
Hikaru: Stop it with those lies (laughs) Don’t forget that after K is I (laughs)! (note: in KittyGYM)
Inoo: Etto~ I think Yaotome-kun will become a person of cool substance.

2007 – Formation of Hey! Say! JUMP
It’s been declared that I’ll be with Hikaru!
Q: Upon Hey! Say! JUMP’s formation, what are you excited about?
Inoo: I’d like to find our own setting as a group from now on. But last year I was able support the Japan Volleyball team with Hikaru so we were able to grasp what it feels like to be a team. I’d also like to do my best in speaking parts. When I was in KittyGYM, Yamashita-kun pushed us to our best so now it’s our turn to pull ourselves up and continue doing our best.

2008 – They debuted in the same group and got along more
When asked about comparing JUMP members with family members, both mentioned each other’s names
Q: Among the members, who are the father and mother?
Hikaru: Inoo-chan is the dad while Yamada is the mom. Inoo-chan fits as the careless dad (laughs)
Inoo: Maybe Dai-chan is the mom? His calmness fits the image of a mother. Yuto is the dad. Then, I’m the middle child between Yabu and Hikaru. All this time, Yabu has the tsun (note: tsun of tsundere) character but lately he’s been a dere (note: dere of tsundere) so I end up spoiling him. That’s why he’s the younger brother. On the other hand, Hikaru is definitely on the side of tsun in tsundere so he’s like a bully older brother.
Note: tsundere means hot-cold personality.
Revelation of Hikaru’s self that he doesn’t show
Inoo: We, BEST members, were placed in separate rooms. On the first night, I had an errand to ask to Dai-chan so I contacted him. But then the next day Hikaru said to me, “Why didn’t you contact me? I was very lonely you know!” I saw an unusual sad side of Hikaru (laughs). That’s why I plan to contact him the next day.

2009 – Yabu, Hikaru, and Inoo in a love triangle?!
Inoo and Yabu competing for Hikaru
Q: How many times have you cried this year?
Hikaru: Zero times!
Yabu: I have seen Hikaru cry before! His tears were fresh!
Inoo: I haven’t seen him cry but I wouldn’t want to see such a sad Hikaru!
Hikaru: Is this a skit or what (laughs)?

2010 – A public promise that both of them broke?!
A shock of being able to forget someone’s birthday
Inoo-chan has promised to celebrate a member’ birthday
Inoo: ….Oh no~…(laughs)
Daiki: Wait, you forgot his birthdays no?
Inoo: what are you saying? I decided to remember it right?
Daiki: Okay, then say it.
Inoo: Hikaru’s birthday is… uhmm… etto…..
Hikaru: Are you kidding me? That can’t be!
Yabu: I don’t get it too. It’s easy to remember a one digit birthdate.
Hikaru: I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!
Takaki: I feel like this was same as before…like I’ve seen this kind of happening (laughs).
Hikaru: Inoo-chan and I gave a birthday present to Yabu right? A recipe book!
Inoo: By the way, I was the one who decided to buy a book. And then Hikaru copied me and said that he’ll also give you a book!
Yabu: What’s that careless way of choosing Hikaru? (laughs)

2011 – BEST, analyze each other with a love story
Inoo-chan → domineering husband, Hikaru → expected to be dominated by the girl
Takaki: Among BEST members, are there any of us who’ll unexpectedly be the domineering husband?
Hikaru: If it’s among us, isn’t it Inoo-chan?
Yabu: Yeah yeah! After marrying it looks like he’ll say, “Whenever I go back home from work, take off my socks immediately in the entrance!”
Inoo: Wait a minute! Where did that phrase come from (laughs)? But I guess I admire a dominating husband who does what he wants. I think it’s impossible for me to be always sweet and sugary. On the contrary, I might actually be the one dominated by the girl…
Yabu: (immediately) That’s Hikaru! It’s definitely Hikaru!
Hikaru: !!
Takaki: What a fast reaction (laughs)
Hikaru: What’s your basis for saying that?
Yabu: You seem like you’ll try very hard for the girl.
Daiki: well, in a good way kind of dominated by the girl, right?
Yabu: In other words, someone who’ll do everything she says (laughs)
Hikaru: Wait, what do you think of me?! Speaking of which, I partly admire the dominating husband kind but as Yabu said, maybe I’m fainthearted after all (laughs).
Takaki: Wow, you really understand yourself (laughs)
Inoo: Isn’t Hikaru the type to be influenced by the girl he’s dating? For example, he’ll change the genre of music he likes or something.
Hikaru: No, that’s not gonna happen. I feel like you’ll say “uh-huh” to me if ever I change my interest in music (laughs)!

2012 – Members decide what a popular guy is for them

Yabu: If I like the person, I’m the type who’ll earnestly wait. Yeah… I’ll wait.
Hikaru: Oh!~ An aura of a popular guy is coming from you (laughs). Only Yabu can say something cool like that with just 2 words (laughs).
Inoo: He’s wearing a suit too. Hikaru is also wearing a suit and necktie! I’m the only one in a shirt. I can’t say a cool line with this (laughs)!
Hikaru: The topic changed to outfits (laughs)! I was thinking that since I don’t know what it feels like for a girl to have a boyfriend, I’ll do my best when I know the reality of falling in love.
Inoo: So what if that boyfriend suddenly appears in front of you, what will you do? (note: I think he’s asking what Hikaru would do if the girl he likes has a boyfriend and then that boyfriend appears in front of him.? I’m not so sure sorry!)
Hikaru: Then…While cracking my knuckles, I’ll say to him, “let’s settle this with rock paper and scissors! (janken)” (laughs)!
Inoo: What a weakling (laughs!)
Hikaru: If I lose on the first try I’ll say, “It’s a race to 3 match!” (laughs)

2013 – Within Hikaru’s heart, he’s concerned about Inoo-chan
Hikaru’s feelings can’t reach Inoo?!
Inoo: Chinen has been worried about me every day that it became my strength.
Hikaru: E? I’m also concerned about you too you know. Didn’t you notice that our eyes met through the dressing room’s window? Didn’t you notice me while I was doing muscle training? Although only my upper body could be seen from the dressing room..
Inoo: I didn’t notice you at all (laughs).
Hikaru: I say my concern for you but not directly. Everyday in my heart there’s always a voice saying “take care~” to Inoo-chan who’s currently attending university. I was even writing in my diary that I hope you finish your graduating thesis without any worries.
Inoo: Even if I try to put that atmosphere together, sorry, Hikaru’s feelings hasn’t reached me at all (laughs). From now on you should show your feelings with actions (laughs).

2014 – They appeared together in the drama [Dark System]
Talking about something unbearably lovely
A LOVE message to the lovely Inoo-chan:
Hikaru: Isn’t Inoo-chan the type of person who doesn’t look nervous in any kind of situation? But during our filming of the drama, it was obvious that he was nervous (laughs). He tries to put on a poker face but I can see through him. It was because the loudness of his voice at that time was half of his usual voice (laughs). Inoo-chan was so lovely when he said “I was so nervous~” while coming back from the set (laughs).

2015 – looking back at something that happened by chance during your high school days
Hikaru accidentally appears before Inoo-chan
Inoo: During middle school, I haven’t had the slightest thought of wanting to be popular.
Daiki: Ah right, your hair at that time was just straight without any style. It should have been unexpected for you to want to be popular with that kind of hairstyle (laughs).
Inoo: Yeah, and I didn’t have any interest in dating too at that time.
Hikaru: Even if you said it was at that time…this is from when Inoo-chan was in high school. I once saw Inooc-chan walking home after his class. There was 3 of them but the other 2 people with him was a couple.
Takaki: He was totally disturbing them (laughs)!
Hikaru: Exactly! (laughs)
Inoo: That’s what Hikaru said but when the 3 of us were waiting for the traffic light, Hikaru suddenly shouted “Uwaaaaaa!” and dashed towards me. Wasn’t he the one who was disturbing more? (laughs)
Hikaru: It’s because I thought of surprising Inoo-chan (laughs)

2016 – When an onsen trip with just the two of them was proposed….there was an unpleasant reply
Interested in their private-self
Inoo: Roughly, I don’t have any contact with people from other groups on private. I also don’t have a Johnny’s image during my off days (laughs)
Yabu: so who do you hang out with during your day off?
Inoo: It’s a bit different with hanging out but sometimes I go out to eat meals with staffs whom I was in care of our stage play performances…perhaps it’s actually hanging out?
Yabu: I was able to go to a theme park with Inoo-chan before! Lately, there’s no chance ne.
Inoo: I’m probably the one who doesn’t hang out much with everyone among the members, no?
Hikaru: But you actually want to hang out with the members but you just don’t tell, right? (laughs)
Inoo: Upon hearing that, I can’t help but say “well…just a bit.” (laughs)
Yamada: What about an onsen trip with Hikaru-kun?
Inoo: Just the two of us? No~ that’s a bit embarrassing! (laughs)
Hikaru: Saying just the two of us is kind of unpleasant (laughs)

 here's a bonus translation of inohika from this issue too!~ >click here<

I hope you enjoyed reading this! :D 

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Thank younfor transleting and sharing :D


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