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Hello! It's been a while since I posted here. If you're wondering about the "2nd half" from the entry title, it means that this translation is not the full part of the Jr. Awards. The 1st half can be found in my friend's journal: [ profile] viancii_caramel. (Note: Her translations for the Jr. awards is cut into parts.) This took really long because I was distracted with all sorts of things </3 (it took me more than 2 months lol)

Regarding my translation for Inoo's answers in popolo choice of girls, some asked me if I would translate the answers of other members of HSJ. Right now, I think it seems impossible for me to do them any sooner. If ever I'd continue to translate, it could take up months since I am studying for an upcoming test in December. I'll also be very busy with school starting the 3rd week of August until I graduate (which is for 4 more years TT^TT) I'm so sorry! But I'll try my best. Though I can't promise anything huhuhu except for Hikaru's answers because I'm quite interested to know them lol. Another reason why it might take long for me to translate or no longer translate the other members' answers is that I'm not yet good in Japanese.

Note: >Pictures used are from [ profile] yoshiko_mama <3
         >My translation is NOT 100% ACCURATE.
         >Feel free to say any corrections. :)
         >Please credit this journal if reposting quotes(only) from this entry.

#1 Haniuda Amu
#2 Jesse, Kyomoto Taiga
#3 Hirano Sho, Abe Aran

voters' comments:
Yasui Kentaro: Sometimes he says that he has this some kind of bag at home. It seems like an expensive bag.
Jinguji Yuta: Because it's a fact. He's a celebrity!

Likely to be a newscaster
#1 Haniuda Amu
#2 Yasui Kentaro
#3 Abe Ryouhei

voters' comments:
Nakamura Reia: It feels so right. There's no sense of discomfort from him whenever he appears on the news.
Nagase Ren: I based it from his appearance and he also has this newscaster-ish character. Although he has a silly personality...

Likely to be a novelist
#1 Haniuda Amu
#2 Abe Ryouhei
#3 Miyachika Kaito

voters' comments:

Nagase Ren: It seems like he can write a fun novel since he shoots interesting videos.
Nagatsuma Reo: There are papers that looked like crumpled manuscripts in his room.

Looks smart
#1 Haniuda Amu, Abe Ryouhei
#2 Nagatsuma Reo, Negishi Aomi, Kaneuchi Toma

Abe Ryouhei: I'm thankful. Yasui is also smart... By the way, I'm weak in Japanese language but good in Science!

voters' comments for Amu:
Matsukura Kaito: Even if there are quarrels, he gets the person to believe him. He is very clever!

voters' comments for Ryouhei:
Yasui Kentaro: He's highly educated. Sometimes he says difficult words that I don't know the meanings.
Kyomoto Taiga: Actually, he is really smart. Compared with his 'boke', his 'tsukomi' is also funny.

(Note: boke = funny man in a comedy duo; tsukomi = serious guy in a comedy duo)

Seems to have beautiful fingers
#1 Kishi Yuta
#2 Morita Myuto
#3 Kyomoto Taiga

Kishi Yuta: I don't really take care of my hands to a great extent but I use hand cream. However, the hand cream I use is quite expensive (laughs).

voters' comments:
Nagatsuma Leo: His fingers are really long! He says so himself too, "My hands are big."
Tajima Shogo: His hands are big! I think people will say, "eh?", when they see them.

Jr. that I want as my pet
#1 Matsukura Kaito
#2 Iwahashi Genki, Ohnishi Ryusei
#3 Morita Myuto, Tajima Shogo, Hirano Sho

Matsukura Kaito: If I'm a pet, you'll also struggle in taking me out for walks. Maybe I'll be a burden too?!

voters' comments:
Morita Myuto: His smile is healing! When he's cheerful, he's also like a puppy.
Abe Aran: Since he's so cute, he gives off a mascot-like vibe. That's all! (laughs)

Seems spoiled
#1 Matsuda Genta, Nishihata Daigo
#2 Iwahashi Genki
#3 Morita Myuto, Matsumura Hokuto, Takahashi Kaito

Matsuda Genta: Yeah that might be so. I always wait for Miyachika, Myuto-kun, and Iwamoto-kun.

Nishihata Daigo: I like squishing people's cheeks especially Ohnishi-san's. He depends too much on people. (Translator's note: I don't get Daigo's comment that much sorry huhu)

voters' comments for Genta:
Nakamura Reia: He's my closest younger junior. The idea just popped up!

voters' comments for Daigo:
Ohnishi Ryusei: At times when he's spoiled, he suddenly hugs me or comes to kiss me.

Seems like he'll seenzone my messages
#1 Tanaka Juri
#2 Hirano Sho
#3 Matsumura Hokuto, Jinguji Yuta, Abe Aran

Tanaka Juri: I seenzone messages from my juniors(kouhai) since it's the same as me replying bye to them.

voters' comments:
Kouchi Yugo: It's a fact. Juri basically seenzones Shintaro's messages all the time (laughs).
Meguro Ren: He has a scary image! He seems like someone who will reply to a message in his own timing.

Seems like a good cook
#1 Kouchi Yugo
#2 Matsumura Hokuto
#3 Abe Aran, Takahashi Fuu, Nakada Hiroki, Koji Mukai, Kishi Yuta

Kouchi Yugo: I have no guarantee that it will taste good but when I am told that it's delicious, it creates a mood that it's really delicious.

voters' comments:
Kyomoto Taiga: I don't know if he's a good cook but when he becomes a papa, he seems like he will do his best in cooking.

Most beautiful
#1 Kyomoto Taiga
#2 Hirano Sho
#3 Nagase Ren, Abe Aran

Kyomoto Taiga: Thank you for the result ne. I'll do my best to be manly not only with my face but also with my inner self.

voters' comments:
Jinguji Yuta: From his profile view, the way that his hair reaches his ears is so beautiful. My heart went doki doki.
Meguro Ren: He doesn't seem like a man since he's so white and he has beautiful facial features.

Seems to be a clean freak
#1 Kyomoto Taiga
#2 Takahashi Fuu, Morita Myuto
#3 Abe Aran, Nakamura Reia, Miyachika Kaito

Kyomoto Taiga: My fellow juniors, you don't see it properly don't you? If you know how my dressing room looks like, you won't be able to say that I'm a clean freak...

voters' comments:
Jesse: He keeps his body clean so my image of him is that he's definitely clean with his room too.
Matsumura Hokuto: He's clean with his body and hands so my image of him is that he's a clean freak in some way.

Looks good in Japanese clothes
#1 Kyomoto Taiga
#2 Takahashi Fuu, Matsumura Hokuto
#3 Hagiya Keigo

Kyomoto Taiga: There it is! Next year I'll aim to be a number 1 in a new category which is "looks good in western clothes."

voters' comments:
Iwahashi Genki: I remember when I saw his picture wearing a kimono in a magazine, I was shocked.
Matsumura Hokuto: In Gamushara, he looked good in girls' clothes. He should try wearing Japanese clothes next time.

Sweets guy-like (seems like he loves to eat sweets)
#1 Matsumura Hokuto
#2 Nishihata Daigo, Morita Myuto

Matsumura Hokuto: I really love them. In the drama, [Peace], they always set up various kinds of sweets during the cafe scenes.

voters' comments:
Morimoto Shintaro: In saying sweet words or lines, he's like a melting chocolate.
Morita Myuto: I just noticed that he somehow eats a lot of sweets. Are you a girl!

Seems like he loves to play pranks
#1 Jesse
#2 Ohnishi Ryusei, Matsumura Hokuto, Matsuda Genta, Iwahashi Genki, Morita Myuto, Morimoto Shintaro, Nagase Ren

Jesse: I love playing pranks! I greet anyone that comes and then I suddenly turn around. (Translator's note: I think he's refering to one of his pranks?)

voters' comments:
Nakamura Reia: He always hides and says, "WA!," to surprise people.
Takahashi Fuu: Whenever we're in our waiting rooms, he suddenly laughs so I get curious, "What did he do today again?" (laughs)

Seems like someone who will confess his feelings while doing kabedon
#1 Jesse
#2 Matsumura Hokuto, Morita Myuto, Jinguji Yuta, Yoshizawa Shizuya

Jesse: I'll pretend to slam both my hands on the wall. I'll try to joke the person standing near the wall.

voters' comments:
Morimoto Shintaro: He's a trendy guy so I think he can do the so called "kabedon craze."
Nakamura Kaito: I saw him do that in Gamushara so I think he's used to it already (laughs).

Seems like he would do anything for a girl
#1 Kishi Yuta, Morita Myuto, Yoshizawa Shizuya, Nishihata Daigo
#2 Iwahashi Genki

Kishi Yuta: Men live for the sake of doing what they can for women. Hearing myself say that is somewhat gross (laughs). I wonder if relying everything to someone is ideal?

Morita Myuto: Even before, my parents trained me to practice ladies first. Basically, they taught me to be kind!

Yoshizawa Shizuya: If I don't like the person, I won't meet that person. I'll think if a way not to go to that person.

Nishihata Daigo: Ahh~ Maybe I'm the type who'll do anything for that person until I turn into ashes. It's because I want to be kind to the person I love.

voters' comments for Kishi Yuta:
Miyachika Kaito: He's really kind to his fellow juniors so I think he's definitely the type to do anything for a girl.

voters' comments for Morita Myuto:
Takahashi Fuu: He seems to be a person who will treasure their anniversaries. But I think he's also like someone who will forgive and worry about the girls' bad aspects.

voters' comments for Yoshizawa Shizuya:
Nakamura Kaito: Even if it's late at night, when you say, "I want to see you," he seems to be someone who'll dahs right away to go to you. (Translator's note: I'm pretty sure this is connected with Shizuya's comment earlier so I think he read Kaito's comment first before saying his own comment about being #1 in this category.)

voters' comments Nishihata Daigo:
Koji Mikai: He'll deliver a present and say, "Mou, it's fine already." (Translator's note: I think he's saying that Daigo will do this if ever he would have a fight with his girlfriend.)

#1 Abe Aran
#2 Kyomoto Taiga, Matsumura Hokuto, Nagase Ren, Jesse

Abe Aran: I have no self-awareness of being tsundere but that being said, I'll live like a tsundere from now on (laughs).

voters' comments:
Kishi Yuta: It's his image in his drama role. However, in reality, he's not really tsundere ne.
Yoshizawa Shizuya: He's usually cool, but he's spoiled in terms of borrowning other people's things especially to thsoe people who naturally forgive him.

Looks good with glasses
#1 Morita Myuto
#2 Matsumura Hokuto
#3 Kishi Yuta, Nagase Ren, Nagatsuma Reo, Miyachika Kaito, Abe Aran, Jesse

Morita Myuto: I often wear glasses so I'm happy! I was first influenced by my sister, but now I have about 5 pairs that I bring.

voters' comments:
Yasui Kentaro: Even his personal glasses suits him.
Nakamura Kaito: He often wears glasses. (Translator's note: I can't understand his second sentence sorry T^T)

Most stylish junior
#1 Morita Myuto
#2 Iwamoto Hikaru, Matsumura Hokuto
#3 Abe Aran

Morita Myuto: Ah~ Certainly, some people ask me, "Where did you buy this?" I get asked mainly by Genta.

voters' comments:
Takahashi Kaito: He looks good in adult-like fashion styles. I want to imitate him!
Kajiyama Asahi: I imitate Myuto-kun by wearing a hood in midsummer which results for perspiration...

Seems to have a strong supernatural sense
#1 Fukazawa Tatsuya
#2 Nakamura Reia, Abe Aran, Iwamoto Hikaru, Hamanaka Bunichi

Fukazawa Tatsuya: Yeah, it's strong. Something like from head to chest right? There are people who can see those who can't be seen by others. (Translators note: I'm not really sure about this sorry again T^T)

voters' comments:
Yasui Kentaro: This one's serious. There were several personal supernatural happenings that I experienced when I was with Fukka.
Jinguji Yuta: The other day he told me that there was a woman just above me!

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