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So I decided to translate this because I was really excited and happy hahahaha! Plus it's only short hahaha. I got really excited because it's rare for them to have a conversation or any interaction at all! Plus Inoo is my overall ichiban while Taiga is my close friend's ichiban~ And that friend, who also informed me of this picture, is none other than [ profile] viancii_caramel ♡ yaaay! hahaha

picture credit goes to Manatsu_Pi

This is only a rough translation so please forgive me if there's some mistakes. Please feel free to correct me. :D

P.S. Taiga's last lines were a bit hard to understand T^T

!!!Rough translation only so forgive me for any mistakes.!!!

Inoo: You lost a lot of weight ne? (I saw in duet) Are you properly eating your meals? I became worried. Eat your meals properly ok? Health first ok?! Btw, I eat a lot (laughs).

Taiga: I was told (by Inoo) that I lost weight, but my body originally looks like this already (laughs). I think that I need to gain weight so I will go to Inoo-kun's house to eat!

Inoo: Oh if you're eating properly then I'm glad. I am relieved. You said you'll come to my house? That's not a good idea (laughs). I still don't have a lot of interactions with Kyomoto-kun so first we have to chat and tell stories together!

Taiga: etto(laughs), sorry for suddenly saying that I want to go to your house. I was careless. It's as Inoo-kun said, and we don't have a chance to meet too... As a junior(kouhai), I think it was right that you said that we should start to talk first! (Laughs) The next time we meet, let's talk. So, it would really help if you talk frankly with me, please (in a polite way...something like I'm counting on you)!

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