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I'm Meari (fandom name only) and I'm from the Philippines but is currently living in Japan for some time.

I love Jpop, Japanese dramas/movies, Japanese variety shows. Maybe it's obvious but I love Johnny's hahaha I became a fan in 2010. I'm currently studying Japanese language but I still have a long way to go. Sometimes I translate stuffs from magazines but I've only done a few and they're mostly about Inoo Kei and one about Johnny's jrs. I also wrote one fanfic (it's a collaboration with a friend) but it will probably be the first and last fanfic I'll ever write hahaha.

Hmm what else... I also collect singles, albums, and concert goods of KAT-TUN, HSJ, and SZ. I don't collect DVDs because they're much more expensive lol. I also have some singles of Arashi, Kisumai, NEWS, and E-girls. :)


Here are the groups that I like in Johnny's and enclosed in the parentheses are my favorites in each group:
~KAT-TUN (Kame) - They're the first Jpop group that I fell in love with ♡ Among Johnny's groups, I love their songs best.

~Hey! Say! JUMP (Inoo) - I find them as one of the best dancers in Johnny's. I like their fun personality as a group ♡ My most favorite idol is also in this group and he's Inoo Kei!

~Sexy Zone (Shori) - They're the first group that I supported since their debut (some members even as juniors like Kento and Fuma) so they have a special place in my heart hahaha.

~Arashi (Nino) - I knew them since 2010 but I did not want to be a fan that time since it was hard to search for 11 years worth of videos and such. BUT! I could not help it lol. Their variety shows are so funny that's why I started being a fan and now I also love their music.

~NEWS (Koyama) - I still haven't explored much about them. I only listen to their songs but I still don't follow their videos and such. It's weird that Koyama is my favorite in NEWS but I love Tegoshi's solos more hahahahaha.

~Johnny's Juniors - I love a lot if juniors but the ones that I especially love are Amu, Ren, Reia, and SixTONES

My otps:

These are my favorites but I also find other otps cute :D

~InoHika/HikaNoo (Inoo and Hikaru)- Omg! I love this otp so much! They're my favorite! I'm kinda sad that they don't have moments as much as they did before, but I can still feel the bond
~Shoriken (Shori and Kento)
~KyomoJuri (Taiga and Juri)
~ReAmu (Amu and Reia)

Besides Johnny's I also like other Jpop/Jrock groups and artists such as:
~One Ok Rock
~Nishiuchi Mariya
~Ohara Sakurako
~Leo Ieiri

I also like some songs of AAA, Sekai no Owari, and other groups but I haven't searched further about these groups.

Magical days: Times that I was able to see my idols or times they were able to notice me <3

06.28.2015 Arashi no Waku Waku Gakkou 2015 (ARASHI X HEY! SAY! JUMP)

04.21.2016 I messaged Matsumoto Kohei and he greeted me on my birthday! <3

10.02.2016 Matsumoto Kohei read my comment on their live video and answered me. He did his best to speak in English too :D


10.15.2016 Marius read my letter in Rajira and now they know that they have fans from the Philippines <3 (Rajira Sexy Zone 3hr special: Matsushima Sou, Kikuchi Fuma, Marius Yo)

10.22.2016 I saw Masaki Yabe of DISH// in Shibuya by accident!


If you want to add me, feel free to do so! Haha although there's not much to see in my journal. Please introduce yourself here too. :)





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