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Hello! It's been a while since I last posted here. I decided to translate BEST's crosstalk in Wink Up September 2017 issue. BEST said a lot of random things here so I hope you enjoy reading it! :)

5 years Since BEST’s last get-together!

“(absent-mindedly) It would have been better to do the photoshoot inside a cool (as in cold) studio.”

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Note: I'm not a native Japanese and English speaker so there might be mistakes. I had a difficult time translating some sentences especially Takaki's car racing part. 

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Hello everyone! I really like InoHika so I decided to translate this part from the latest issue of Wink Up. They were featured here as one of JUMP's combi who gets along well. They are so cute! <3 I hope they'll have more moments together especially on videos because I also want to see their reactions not just voices like in Rajira ahahaha!

Note: I am not a native English and Japanese speaker so my translation may not be 100% accurate. Feel free to correct me if you notice any mistakes :D It was quite difficult to understand some of what they said >< and I didn't have the time to proofread this so... yeah sorry ><

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 here's a bonus translation of inohika from this issue too!~ >click here<

I hope you enjoyed reading this! :D 
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Heyy! Sayyyy! Although I said I'll update soon, I'm just updating now lol. Sorry! T^T

Ever since I got here in Japan, the first thing I did was to have fun of course! Hahahaha! I went to see tourist spots and other places in Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Mt. Fuji, Harajuku, Yokohama, Asakusa, Ueno etc! But of course the fun wouldn't last that long! Haha! Although everyday is somehow fun in their own ways, I'm currently struggling with readings and assignments since school started already hahaha! The most challenging part for me is my Japanese class. In my home university, my professors explained Japanese grammar patterns using Japanese and our native language or English. However, the level I enrolled in here in Japan is slightly higher than the level I'm supposed to study in my home university (it's just level 3 out of 8 guys please don't think my level is high lol xD). And so here they teach and explain to us Japanese grammar using Japanese language only! @.@ So hard! But I'll do my best!! I want to become better! :)

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Okay going to the real update now~ :) THE HIGHLIGHT SO FAR IN MY STAY HERE IS THAT I WATCHED HEY! SAY! JUMP's DEAR CONCERT LAST OCT. 7! Ohmygosh! I still can't believe it!  It's like a dream! I want to repeat that day again if possible but it's not huhuhu... All the members were so handsome!! I tell you guys... ALL OF THEM! Their hairstyles suit them! But Inoo still needs to cut his hair lol. Their performances were so good and they were so funny! ️ I love Hey! Say JUMP so much! They're one of my favorite groups! Uhm maybe...they are already my favorite group? Mostly because of Inoo and Hikaru and of course because of the group's bond and craziness hahaha! But honestly, I think I like other groups' songs more. However, when I watched their Dear concert, their performances were so good that I came to appreciate and love their music more! No one else can sing Hey! Say! JUMP's songs better than them. Their songs have their own charm!

Japanese version :D )

If you're interested in reading some of the fan reports I tweeted, you can go to my twitter @Meari_inookay :) But I think you have to scroll down more now since my last fan report was around October 9 </3 sorry!

(My Japanese is not yet good so I probably have mistakes lol. I just tried translating what I said in Japanese too so that I could practice hehe. 😅)
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Hello! As I previously said, I planned to translate HS7's part. :) Here it is! I hope you enjoy!~

Yamada Ryosuke's )

Nakajima Yuto's )

Chinen Yuri's )

Okamoto Keito's )

picture credits:  @Hirolove1054

Note: English and Japanese are not my main languages so please forgive me for any mistake!~

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Hello! I'm back again with a new translation! I'm not sure if anyone translated this already (I only saw other BEST members') but I decided to translate it. :D This one's only Inoo's part haha but I'll try translating HS7's. If anyone has a clear copy of HS7's please do tell me~ :)

Douzo! :D )

Note: Japanese and English are not my main language so please forgive me for any mistake!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!~

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Hello! Here I am again! I was fired up to translate lol. This might be my last chance to translate for now since classes will soon start T^T

So here HSJ was asked a situational question and they would answer what they would do if they were put up in that certain situation. I decided to translate the top 5 winners of this segment. I was surprised the top 5 were all from BEST lol!

So here it goes~ enjoy! :D

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I hope you liked it! :D

Note: English and Japanese are not my main languages so please forgive me for any mistake! I still haven't proofread my translation. I'll do it later when I get back home. :)

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Hello! I decided to translate some parts of Member Love part2: The nature of the relationship of JUMP. I originally just wanted to read it but it was so fun to read that I decided to share it to you guys! :) Here, they were asked questions about who is who among the members and they answer a certain member from the group

However, it was quite hard to read the whole thing since there are a lot of kanji characters and I have less time to do this huhu so I'm sorry to say that I only translated Inoo's and Hikaru's answers and the answers of the members who picked Inoo and Hikaru. (Sorry InoHika biased here T^T) But I think all of the members are mentioned here so yeah if you read this, no matter who your ichiban in HSJ is, you'll still be able to read something about them! :D

By the way, I put the member's names as how each member called them in their answer. Example Inoo answered Daiki but he said "Dai-chan" as his answer, so the name I'll put is "Dai-chan." I think it'll also give you the feeling of their relationship so I kept it as it is. :)

I hope that you enjoy reading this! :D

(sorry for being biased in the picture I put hahahaha! The reason for putting this is because this translation is mostly related to Inoo and Hikaru since I only translated their answer and the
answers of the members who picked Inoo and Hikaru.)

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Note: Japanese and English are not my main languges so please forgive me for any mistakes! >.< And the part where I'm most unsure is the translation of the 1st question lol.

Thanks for reading! :D I hope it somehow put a smile on your face!~ :)

Bonus! Translation for Josei Jishin June Inoo part )

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Omg! I'm so happy about this! It feels like Kame has been watching over Inoo all this time. It feels like Kame has been cheering and supporting Inoo huhuhu. Ugh I'm so happy hahahaha! So..... here it goes!!! :D

I hope you enjoy!

Douzo! :) )

Note: English and Japanese are not my main language so this might not be 100% accurate.

Follow my twitter for faster updates on my translations: @Meari_Inookay
*I only translate what catches my interest though lol and if I'm in the mood hahaha!

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Hi! I forgot to post this in my journal lol. I hope you enjoy!~ :D

Note: Japanese and English are not my main language so please forgive me for any mistakes :)

Here are the links (from twitter) of my translations:
Spring's Jingle
~Hikaru's part:
~Inoo's part: here

Seduce Corner
~Hikaru's part: here
~Inoo's part: here

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Hello! I decided to translate Rajira April 23rd's Artificial Intelligence corner! In this segment, Inoo and Hikaru are supposed to answer questions from the listeners in the span of one minute. April 23rd's Artificial Intelligence corner had two rounds of Q&A.

Note: Japanese and English are not my main language so please forgive me for any mistakes :)

Here are the links (from twitter) of my translations:
~intro part: click here
~Hikaru Round 1 Q&A: click here (this post contains the correction for my original translation of this part so please click the link within the post to view the other Q&A)
~Inoo Round 1 Q&A: click here
~Hikaru Round 2 Q&A: click here
~Inoo Round 2 Q&A: click here

Enjoy reading! :D

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When I saw this part in the magazine, I immediately tried to understand Inoo's answers hahaha (since he's my ichiban )! As I read some of his "easier to understand" answers, I got really excited. Hahaha! I couldn't help but smile or laugh! :)) That's why I decided to translate all of his answers.

I thought I'd share this to other Inoo Kei lovers so here it is!

My translation is not 100% accurate so please forgive me. >_<

Also, if you want to quote some of the lines, you can do so but please credit me because I really gave my effort. :) I hope you enjoy!~

Inoo okay! Douzo! )

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Konnichiwa! :)

I'll be posting my translation of the news about Inoo's butai in Mezamashi!~

Note: My translation is NOT 100% accurate. Please feel free to correct me nicely if you have already watched it~ :D

Inoo oKei! Click here for the translation <3 )

hai! I hope you enjoyed reading this :) It's not much but.. yeah I did my best hahaha!
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Inoo's cutenesssss @.@

So I was watching Jumparty 4 and I was cheering for Hey! team because of Inoo! <3 hehe but unfortunately, they lost TTATT buuut!  tadaaaaa!!! The last team will have to do a punishment game! And because of this, Inoo was able to show his oh so cute, adorable, and sexy fanservice!!! <3

I made some gifs to share to everyone! douzo!~

Inoo Kei gifs <3 )


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