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First of all, Happy birthday Shoriiii! <3 I decided to translate this since it's his birthday today hahaha~ It's been a long time since I did a magazine translation. Sorry about that T^T

I hope you guys enjoy!~ :D

Note: Japanese and English are not my native languages so there might be some mistakes. Sorry! ><

picture credit: [ profile] yoshiko_mama

Read here :) )

Yay! Thanks for reading! :D

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Hello! This special talk was so amusing that I decided to translate it! Yay! I’m glad I was able to finish this before my first day of class (which is tomorrow btw T^T). I like Sexy Zone’s aura in this talk. This special talk is light and fun lol so I enjoyed reading and translating it. Here it goes!~ I hope you enjoy and please drop a comment if you have time (haha it helps me be motivated :3 yay! Hahahaha)! Also, please give credits when reposting/quoting/posting a screen shot. Thank you! :)

Color code (I based it on their member color in their latest single Shori no Hi Made):
Sato Shori – Red
Nakajima Kento – Blue
Kikuchi Fuma – Purple
Matsushima Sou – Green
Marius Yo - Orange

Special Talk 1: The Story That the 5 Members Made )

Special Talk 2: Who Among the Members is the Most Popular? )

Translator's comment: Lol at what Shori said about having a proper discussion hahaha! And yet they were talking about Marius having a zipper on his bare back! xD Oh and I notice that Kento did not talk much here? I wonder why...

Well, I hope this made your day at least a bit happier! :D
Note: Japanese and English are not my native language so please forgive me for any mistake!

Original picture scan credits: [ profile] yoshiko_mama

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I was looking through the photos of Wink Up for the month of June and I suddently saw this! I decided to translate Shoriken's part because they're my favorite combi in SZ. It's only short though :))

Translation here! :) )

Does anyone have page 119 of Wink Up? Can anyone show it to me? T^T
And if you happen to be able to vote(I still don't know how to vote lol),
please vote for Entry #5 Shoriken!~

Yay! I now know how to vote! I translated the instructions on how to vote in my twitter. If you want to vote, you can use my instructions as a guide. Please vote for Entry #5 Shori and Kento <3 Deadline of voting is on May 31, 2016. Check the instructions out

Note: English and Japanese are not my main language so this might not be 100% accuarate.


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