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I don't know if Sexy Zone already knows that they have quite a lot of fans from the Philippines but last October 15, 2016, they were able to know for sure that they do! <3

So some of you might have known that I listen to Rajira Saturday (especially InoHika's) and that I sometimes do translations of what they said in the radio show when I have free time. Actually, I tried sending messages to them in Rajira many times before but none of them got read both in InoHika's and Sexy Zone's....

Until Last October 15, 2016!! It was Sexy Zone's 3 hour special and the members who were there were Kikuchi Fuma, Matsushima Sou and Marius Yo. I sent a lot of messages and more than an hour has passed but they still didn't read my message. I was at the point of giving up but I suddenly heard Marius say my radio name. I was so shocked! I wasn't even sure if I heard it correctly but when he continued reading the message, I was sure it was mine since I also put that I am a fan from the Philippines who is currently studying in Japan. Moreover, I put english sentences too (I figured that there might be a chance for it to be picked since Marius was there lol <3). I couln't believe what I heard...I'm just so happy that they now know for sure that they have fans from the Philippines and that one of them is me. T^T <3 Although my two most favorite members were not there (Shori and Kento), I hope that FuMariSou told them about it especially since Kento has Filipino blood right? :D

For some who might be curious about what I sent, it's below~ :D I'll just put the English version lol.

My message to Sexy Zone in Rajira )

oh and one more short update~ I saw Masaki Yabe of DISH// in Shibuya while I was crossing the streets!!!! My head became so blank that I shouted "Takumi" (since he is my favorite in the group lol orz) instead of Masaki </3 So he didn't look at me. I am sad. lol but then omg it was my first time to see a celebrity by accident in Japan! <3

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First of all, Happy birthday Shoriiii! <3 I decided to translate this since it's his birthday today hahaha~ It's been a long time since I did a magazine translation. Sorry about that T^T

I hope you guys enjoy!~ :D

Note: Japanese and English are not my native languages so there might be some mistakes. Sorry! ><

picture credit: [ profile] yoshiko_mama

Read here :) )

Yay! Thanks for reading! :D

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Hello! This special talk was so amusing that I decided to translate it! Yay! I’m glad I was able to finish this before my first day of class (which is tomorrow btw T^T). I like Sexy Zone’s aura in this talk. This special talk is light and fun lol so I enjoyed reading and translating it. Here it goes!~ I hope you enjoy and please drop a comment if you have time (haha it helps me be motivated :3 yay! Hahahaha)! Also, please give credits when reposting/quoting/posting a screen shot. Thank you! :)

Color code (I based it on their member color in their latest single Shori no Hi Made):
Sato Shori – Red
Nakajima Kento – Blue
Kikuchi Fuma – Purple
Matsushima Sou – Green
Marius Yo - Orange

Special Talk 1: The Story That the 5 Members Made )

Special Talk 2: Who Among the Members is the Most Popular? )

Translator's comment: Lol at what Shori said about having a proper discussion hahaha! And yet they were talking about Marius having a zipper on his bare back! xD Oh and I notice that Kento did not talk much here? I wonder why...

Well, I hope this made your day at least a bit happier! :D
Note: Japanese and English are not my native language so please forgive me for any mistake!

Original picture scan credits: [ profile] yoshiko_mama

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I was looking through the photos of Wink Up for the month of June and I suddently saw this! I decided to translate Shoriken's part because they're my favorite combi in SZ. It's only short though :))

Translation here! :) )

Does anyone have page 119 of Wink Up? Can anyone show it to me? T^T
And if you happen to be able to vote(I still don't know how to vote lol),
please vote for Entry #5 Shoriken!~

Yay! I now know how to vote! I translated the instructions on how to vote in my twitter. If you want to vote, you can use my instructions as a guide. Please vote for Entry #5 Shori and Kento <3 Deadline of voting is on May 31, 2016. Check the instructions out

Note: English and Japanese are not my main language so this might not be 100% accuarate.


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sato shori

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Outanjoubi omedettou Kento!! :)

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