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Hello! As I previously said, I planned to translate HS7's part. :) Here it is! I hope you enjoy!~

What I like about Yamada Ryosuke

Chinen: His voice or should I say throat. A voice that's like tenderly enveloping is good ne~ I envy him.

Yuto: his cheeks are soft and white. I envy his cheeks.

Keito: His cheeks are very stretchable! I actually haven't tried stretching it so I'd like to try next time!

Daiki: His simplicity is lovely! He easily gets addicted into something right away.

Takaki: His male presence. I think his way of thinking is unexpectedly the type which has a male presence in it.

Inoo: His legs are so smooth. It feels good.

Hikaru: Him being a variety kind of person. Like he brings up a punch line and gives meaning to them. (Note: Sorry I'm really not sure about this)

Yabu: cheeks. They're really squishy and cute!

What I like about Nakajima Yuto

Yamada: His arm muscles. He plays the drums so they naturally appear but his muscles are really beautiful!

Chinen: His beautiful eyes. Even when I only see his eyes, I'll know it's Yuto. I like his eyes.

Keito: Arms. He looks thin but he unexpectedly has muscles. Maybe because he plays drums?!

Daiki: When he makes me laugh. He often does mimicry (monomane).

Takaki: His cheerfulness. He makes the members laugh and he's a mood maker.

Inoo: I envy Yuto's legs that are long and slender.

Hikaru: His sense of rhythm is good. There are difficult dance choreographies but he properly catches the rhythm.

Yabu: His mole under his eye. As expected, it's sexy (laughs)!

What I like about Chinen Yuri

Yamada: When e is laughing, his cheeks are cute. I am healed because he is always laughing.

Yuto: His eyebrows that are not arranged (note: I don't know how to properly translate this but it probably means that Chinen doesn't fix/cut his eyebrows like he keeps it as it is). Those eyebrows look cute.

Keito: His looong eyelashes. Whenever I look at magazines, I always notice his eyelashes. I envy his eyelashes.

Daiki: As expected, him being a pampered child. Like his side of not being able to go alone from the the makeup room to the dressing room (laughs).

Takaki: I envy and respect his motor skills. Though he puts a lot of effort into it ne.

Inoo: He is light-footed and his reflexes/motor skills are good too. He can also do backflips.

Hikaru: His motor skills/reflexes. With the exception of driving vehicles, he can do anything.

Yabu: His eyebrows. He has a cute face but his eyebrows are really thick and dense (laughs).

What I like about Okamoto Keito

Yamada: He has long and beautiful fingers. When he is playing instruments, he is especially cool.

Chinen: His heart. His comfortable heart has kindness and calmness. When I’m with Keito, I am healed.

Yuto: He is very kind. I think he is really a nice guy and he possesses a warm heart.

Daiki: He is really pure! He’s honest. I wish he won’t change this side of him.

Takaki: Definitely his kindness. I don’t really see him get angry.

Inoo: Keito’s legs are muscular.

Hikaru: His kindness. Even in the baseball tournament, he accompanied me the whole time when I was practicing my pitching

Yabu: Eyes. His eyes are almond-shaped, it’s manly. He’s part of the Koyama-kun and Inohara-kun lineage ne.

picture credits:  @Hirolove1054

Note: English and Japanese are not my main languages so please forgive me for any mistake!~

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