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Hello! This special talk was so amusing that I decided to translate it! Yay! I’m glad I was able to finish this before my first day of class (which is tomorrow btw T^T). I like Sexy Zone’s aura in this talk. This special talk is light and fun lol so I enjoyed reading and translating it. Here it goes!~ I hope you enjoy and please drop a comment if you have time (haha it helps me be motivated :3 yay! Hahahaha)! Also, please give credits when reposting/quoting/posting a screen shot. Thank you! :)

Color code (I based it on their member color in their latest single Shori no Hi Made):
Sato Shori – Red
Nakajima Kento – Blue
Kikuchi Fuma – Purple
Matsushima Sou – Green
Marius Yo - Orange

Sexy Zone Special Talk 1
The Story that the 5 Members Made

Sou: If it’s a fairytale within the 5 of us, no matter what kind of content we think of, from the time being it is decided that Marius would be the fairy.

Marius: I think that it’s a very good idea for me to be a fairy.

Shori: A story where everyone is a leading actor is good.

Kento: Then, let’s first decide the lineage of the story.

Fuma: Family lineage…

Shori: If it’s that then it’s Ramen right? Something like we don’t need a tonkotsu!!

Sou: Let’s properly do this!

Marius: Then what about a story wherein all of us have a trip in Germany?

Shori: If that’s the case then there’s nothing strange in it. It will turn out to be just a journal of our travel. Since we came all the way to this, why don’t we make the scale bigger?

Kento: Let’s try adventure?

Marius: Germany adventure?

Fuma: Stop it already with your Germany joke material!

Kento: Let’s go with this, Shori starts to go on an adventure but here comes Sou who’s a tour guide in a strange land and then Marius is a fairy.

Fuma: Wait a minute, isn’t the fairy (Marius) too big?

Marius: We’re talking about a strange land that’s why I will become small so it’s alright.

Shori: Then we’ll battle with different kinds of bad guys. There’s no girls in this world, even I don’t know that girls exist, but I somehow grasped an idea of their existence and then went on a journey to search for each and everyone’s heroine. How about it? (Note: Sorry I’m not sure about this. I got lost with Shori’s explanation. sorry ;_;)

Sou: Along the way, Kento-kun and Fuma-kun met a very strong hero.

Kento: A journey where everyone is looking for their own heroine. Making it romantic is would be nice ne.

Marius: But I’m a fairy so I’m neither a boy nor a girl.

Fuma: Being a boy fairy is fine isn’t it? Is it not okay?

Shori: Marius is a “new people.”

Marius: Then the new people me shall search for the right heroine for each of you

Sou: Maybe it would be interesting if there would be a big plot twist at the end where Marius turned out to be a girl after all.

Fuma: Ee, the 4 of us will compete for Marius…. No way no way, that’s impossible!

Marius: It’s because you say such unpleasant things.

Shori: Then for the ending, we couldn’t find our heroines after all but because of the adventure the 5 of us went through, our friendship was decided. How’s that for the ending?

Kento: In the end, the pattern would be something like the existence of girls was just a daydream.

Sou: In that case, it’s a short film.

Marius: I’ll play the role of a fairy so I’ll make a costume that’ll help me fly in the sky.

Fuma: Hey I noticed that you kept on talking only about yourself!

Kento: What should we do for the title?

Shori: I think [I Want to Meet You] is good!

Fuma: [The Heroine] is also nice.

Kento: Even if there was no heroine after all (laughs)?

Sou: Morever, even if it’s a short movie (laughs)?

Shori: Mou, alright alright. [I Want to Meet the Heroine!] will do right?

Marius: I think that title is nice. It seems like there’s emotion in it too

Kento: I wonder when we can do that drama or movie!

Marius: I’m looking forward to it.

Sou: I’m not worrying or anything but is this okay?

Kento: That’s what Sexy Zone is!!!

Sexy Zone Special Talk 2
Among the 5 members, who is the most popular?

Marius: We are all popular so there is no most popular. Right everyone?

Shori: Well, if we’re having a real talk then I think Fuma-kun is popular.

Fuma: Next time, why don’t I treat Shori-kun for Yakiniku?

Shori: I don’t go out and meet with women so I’m totally unpopular…

Fuma: Oi oi, if you say it like that then I would sound like a playboy so stop that.

Shori: But Fuma-kun, you possess a lot of “popular” factors.

Kento: That’s right.

Sou: He’s dependable and he’s good in comforting people

Shori: Matsushima, did you experience being comforted by Fuma?

Fuma:  BAKA, Matsushima don’t say it out loud (suddenly became shy)!

Kento: And he knows a lot of card games too!

Fuma: Ha? That kind of reason is unrelated right?

Shori: Fuma-kun can also be comedic and he’s also fun to be with so I think everyone, even girls, will like him.

Fuma: Thaaanks. Marius, why aren’t you saying anything?

Marius: It’s because Fuma-kun is saying those things himself too so I don’t know anymore.

Shori: Then who is popular in your opinion, Marius?

Sou: You can answer honestly.

Marius: Uuhm… Fu-fuma-ku@*%&.... (Note: I assume that the symbols mean that Marius could not finish his
sentence properly lol.)

Fuma: I can’t hear you.

Marius: It’s Fuma-kun! But it’s because I’m still 15 years old so I look like this. Fuma-kun is already an adult so of course I can’t win against him!

Kento: Marius, you already won against Kikuchi…

Marius: If it’s about cuteness, then I win against him.

Fuma: Even if you appeal in that aspect, I think you still won’t win at all~ (laughs).

Sou: That’s nice~ I want to grow up like Fuma-kun~

Fuma: Because Matsushima is No. 1 in clumsiness right? There’s no one else who could win in that.

Marius: Moreover, he’s a natural airhead.

Sou: Marius is too ne (laughs).

Fuma: No, Marius is being an airhead and that’s what he’s conveying to everyone. But in reality, there’s an old
man inside him.

Marius: There’s none~. This is my true form

Shori: I saw a zipper attached on Mari’s back, you know. Inside him was an old man.

Marius: There’s no way that there’s something inside, what are you saying?

Fuma: But lately, it seemed like you were opposing Mari mama (Marius’ mom).

Sou: Did you do such a thing?

Marius: Ee~ Unexpectedly~

Kento: Not “unexpectedly,” it’s what you told us right?

Marius: I don’t know

Sou: My character became a complete airhead…

Fuma: That’s not it, there’s no person that’s perfect in Sexy Zone. That’s why it’s no good if it’s not the five of us~

Everyone: Yaaaay (claps)!

Shori: It’s rare that we get to have a proper discussion like this. More like it’s a miracle (laughs).

Marius: From now on, the five of us should do our best ne!!

Translator's comment: Lol at what Shori said about having a proper discussion hahaha! And yet they were talking about Marius having a zipper on his bare back! xD Oh and I notice that Kento did not talk much here? I wonder why...

Well, I hope this made your day at least a bit happier! :D
Note: Japanese and English are not my native language so please forgive me for any mistake!

Original picture scan credits: [ profile] yoshiko_mama

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