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Hello! I decided to translate some parts of Member Love part2: The nature of the relationship of JUMP. I originally just wanted to read it but it was so fun to read that I decided to share it to you guys! :) Here, they were asked questions about who is who among the members and they answer a certain member from the group

However, it was quite hard to read the whole thing since there are a lot of kanji characters and I have less time to do this huhu so I'm sorry to say that I only translated Inoo's and Hikaru's answers and the answers of the members who picked Inoo and Hikaru. (Sorry InoHika biased here T^T) But I think all of the members are mentioned here so yeah if you read this, no matter who your ichiban in HSJ is, you'll still be able to read something about them! :D

By the way, I put the member's names as how each member called them in their answer. Example Inoo answered Daiki but he said "Dai-chan" as his answer, so the name I'll put is "Dai-chan." I think it'll also give you the feeling of their relationship so I kept it as it is. :)

I hope that you enjoy reading this! :D

(sorry for being biased in the picture I put hahahaha! The reason for putting this is because this translation is mostly related to Inoo and Hikaru since I only translated their answer and the
answers of the members who picked Inoo and Hikaru.)

Member Love part2: The nature of the relationship of JUMP

Q1.Member who has an interesting reaction when he is flirting

Inoo: Hikaru
He unexpectedly becomes someone with a touchy character (laughs)

Hikaru: Yuto
He'll surprise you and say "uwaa!" in a short distance. I fall for that trick a lot of times.

Chinen: Hika
Lately, he's being touchy (laughs). His reaction is interesting.

Takaki: Hikaru-kun
Him being touchy is more interesting.

Q2.Member you can depend on at critical moments

Inoo: Yamada
Since there was a time when I depended on him.

Hikaru: Yabu
During the countdown concert, he took the initiative to manage the little details in our relay broadcasting. He was super reliable that time!

Takaki: Inoo-kun
When I was asked last time in our interview about Japan's environmental problem, it was so hard that I could not answer the question. However, Inoo-kun smoothly answered for me. I was saved. 

Q3.Member who I can always forgive even if he does annoying things

Inoo: Chinen
Even if he says boring puns, I'll forgive him. There's no such thing as annoying in Chinen.

Hikaru: Dai-chan
There was a phase of Daiki wherein he was always naturally 10 to 15 minutes late. Even though I think to myself "Again?!," somehow I tend to forgive him.

Yabu: Hikaru
Well, it's Hikaru so I get the feeling that it can't be helped.

Q4.Member who you definitely don't want to be a love rival

Inoo: Yuto
He's the type that's good to look at. He's also tall, slim, and handsome!

Hikaru: Inoo-chan
We have this seduce corner in our radio program together. Inoo-chan is a pro in seducing!

Yamada: Hikaru-kun
For some reason, I just feel that it's him (laughs).

Yuto: Hikaru-kun
Like in the sense of Hikaru as bass and I as drums, somehow if it's about the person he likes, he'll give off a scary feeling (laughs).

Daiki: Hikaru
Because he's an interesting person. After all, interesting people are popular.

Q5.The first member that you would think to invite to play during private time/day offs

Inoo: Dai-chan
Among the members, I've invited him the most.

Hikaru: Takaki
He's active and he may know different kinds of shops.

Q6.Member that will kindly accept whatever you say

Inoo: Yabu
He seems like he will kindly listen to whatever you say to him.

Hikaru: Keito
Even if I prank him, he forgives me.

Yamada: Inoo-chan
He doesn't have the image of being angry.

Chinen: Inoo-chan
He doesn't listen to my stories. I retort to him, "Hey listen to me (laughs)!" He accepts all of those so he's kind.

Keito: Inoo-chan
I've never seen him get mad.

Q7.Member who you think is always gluttonous whenever he eats

Inoo: Keito
He has an image of eating in large portions.

Hikaru: Yamada
Seriously, I only see his eating appearance (laughs).

Daiki: Inoo-chan
Ever since we were juniors, he has an image of someone who'll say, "give me a bite." That one bite wouldn't stop if the food is his favorite (laughs).

Q8.Member who has a large gap with his appearance

Inoo: Takaki
His appearance looks cool, but his interior is like a first grade elementary student who did not grow up (laughs). 

Hikaru: Chinen
He likes talking about money so it seems like the side of a kid you don't know. You would think, "ahh, so he's a kid like this huh." If it's in a dog's case, he's like a pomeranian. It's cute but barks a lot (laughs).

Yuto: Inoo-chan
He's often being told that he looks cute and like a girl but, when you hear him speak, he unexpectedly has a bad mouth. That side of him is interesting (laughs). 

Yabu: Inoo
He looks soft but really, he has dark motives (laughs).

Note: Japanese and English are not my main languges so please forgive me for any mistakes! >.< And the part where I'm most unsure is the translation of the 1st question lol.

Thanks for reading! :D I hope it somehow put a smile on your face!~ :)


Hello~ A few days ago, I translated one of Inoo's parts in Josei Jishin June 2016 and posted it on twitter. I forgot to post it here... or rather, I did not know how since it was just short hahaha! So... yeah I'll include it here in this post! :D

Click here to read~ :)

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