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When I saw this part in the magazine, I immediately tried to understand Inoo's answers hahaha (since he's my ichiban )! As I read some of his "easier to understand" answers, I got really excited. Hahaha! I couldn't help but smile or laugh! :)) That's why I decided to translate all of his answers.

I thought I'd share this to other Inoo Kei lovers so here it is!

My translation is not 100% accurate so please forgive me. >_<

Also, if you want to quote some of the lines, you can do so but please credit me because I really gave my effort. :) I hope you enjoy!~

[The girl that I like] Q&A 20
- OK!

“A girl during summer” compilation
Q1. Indoor type of girl: I think it’s definitely okay. Will she stay and scatter about in her room? Then, I’ll join her and scatter about in the room too~
Q2. A girl who likes outdoor sports: Previously, we grilled barbeques and it was so much fun. I want to take someone along and do it again!
Q3. A girl who eats a lot: If she eats a lot, then we can share a lot of food right. That will be the best!
Q4. A girl who eats in small amount: X Eat more! You’ll die if you don’t!!

“On appearances” compilation
Q5. Chubby girl: Up until like Matsuko-san is cute! (Note: For some who doesn’t know Matsuko-san, she is a celebrity.)
Q6. A girl who’s taller than me: 2m or 3m with pleasure!

Q7. A girl who wears hangover makeup(Note: This style is a trend in Japan where you put blush on right below your eyes. Thanks for the info [ profile] gambareletsgo :D): If it suits her then it’s ok but my mom asked me once, “Does this suit me?” It’s better to check first.
Q8. A girl who has see-through bangs: Well for me I could say that it doesn’t suit me. (laughs)
Q9. A girl who wears eyeglasses: It’s definitely fine!

“On character” compilation
Q10. Reserved/Quiet type of girl: Jaa, will you listen to my stories?
Q11. Talkative type of girl: I like that! But if she becomes too annoying, I’ll say, “Sorry, can you please keep quiet for a bit.” (laughs)
Q12. Cry baby type of girl: After all, tears can’t be stopped!
Q13. A girl who is older than you: 70 years old, 80 years old with pleasure!
Q14. A girl who is younger than you: I won’t be a good onii-chan. Even if she’s a small girl, I’ll be her boyfriend ne

“On relationships” compilation
Q15. A girl who loves to use her phone and use SNS: Phone call or mail, it doesn’t matter for me since any will do. This will be something fresh or new right?
Q16. A girl who wants to meet every day: Rather than meeting every day, I won’t let her go!
Q17. A girl that gets jealous: For me, jealousy is not a factor! (laughs) That’s why, don’t worry, it will be alright!
Q18. A girl that likes to be lovey-dovey even in front of other people: Being sweet in front of other people? It makes you feel excitement right! What do you want to do? Tell me anything.
Q19. A girl that has many guy friends: The standard amount is okay, but when I see a guy’s name other than mine in her phone call history, I’ll ask her who that guy is.

Q20. Honsetly, between appearance and personality, which will attract you more? Both! The appearance will be something like the one that gets you interested. Then I’ll be excited to know if there’s a gap between how she looks and how she acts(personality). But then if she’s like how she looks, I think there will be a sense of peace of mind!

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