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Yaaay! This is the last chapter of our (mine and [ profile] yashirai's) fanfic! I hope the readers will like it! And of course, I hope we have readers HAHAHAHA! <3

Main Characters: Jinguji Yuta, Nagase Ren, Kageyama Rin(OC), and Sato Mari (OC)
Genre: school life, fluff, romance, friendship

Note: Let’s assume that they are all in the same age. So in this story they are all 18 years old. J

'Am I dead?' Jinguji thought. He tried to open his eyes when he heard someone cried, "baka!! Baka Jinguji.." Jinguji fully opened his eyes and realized that he was still alive. He was at the medical station in the park. "Ouch!" he felt his arm twinge. "Careful Yuta! Your arm is broken." Mari said while she prevented him from moving. He looked to his side. He saw Ren and Mari with pained expressions. Rin was covering her crying face.

"Ah.. Thank goodness I'm still alive..." Jinguji whispered.

"Jinguji! Don't you know how much we were worried?! I... I thought I won't be able to see you again!" Rin shouted as she tried to stop herself from crying.

"I'm sorry..." That was all he could answer.

"Maa, what's important is that you're okay!" Ren encouraged all of them.

"Don't worry guys, Jinguji-san's injury is not very serious. It will probably heal in about 2 to 3 weeks. Although you're movement is limited because of the cast, you can still enjoy the summer festival tonight," the doctor at the medical station told Jinguji. "Actually, it seems that the hit from the car wasn't that strong. He probably fainted because of nervousness or fear. Hahaha" the doctor chuckled.

"Sensei, please don't expose me!" Jinguji laughed too. He looked at Rin and was relieved to see that she had somehow stopped crying.

The doctor told them that they could go already and that they still had time before the start of the fireworks. The three helped Jinguji up, thanked the doctor, and went ahead.

"Uwaaa~ the decorations are very pretty ne, Mari-chan!" Rin excitedly told Mari. "Yeah, they're pretty ne~" Mari replied.

Jinguji, Ren, and Mari were waiting for the chance to get Jinguji alone with Rin. They did their best to hide their anxiousness in front of Rin. However, she actually noticed the awkward mood but since she misunderstood that the three were still somewhat shocked from what had happened earlier, she just tried to make them feel happy. Little did she know that they were actually more worried about Jinguji's confession than his injured arm.

"Ah!" Rin pointed at the Kingyo Sukui booth. "I want to catch a goldfish!" She held Jinguji's other hand and ran to the booth. Rin thought that she held on to Mari's hand instead of Jinguji's so when she turned around, she saw him blushing. "J-jinguji! Sorry, I thought I got Mari-chan's hand." Rin blushed as well.

"No it's okay. L-let's play! Be sure to catch one ne!" Jinguji stuttered a bit.

Ren and Mari watched them and laughed. 'Yosh the mood is good on their side and this side too! This will be the perfect opportunity to leave those two so that Yuta could confess already.' Ren thought.

Without any word, he grabbed Mari's hand and dashed off. "Eh? Nagase-kun, where are we going? They're on the other way around though?" Mari puzzlingly asked.

"Let's leave the future couple alone and just enjoy ourselves! Hahaha!" Ren smirked.

"O-okay" Mari smiled and walked beside Ren.

"Yosh! I got one Jinguji! I got one!" Rin hugged Jinguji. "Yeah! Finally! After all this time you caught one! Hahahaha!" Jinguji hugged her too. They both realized what they were doing and uncomfortably let go of each other. "But look at mine, I got three! Hehehe!" Jinguji proudly boasted. "Ehhh~ You’re so full of yourself! Hahaha" Rin replied.

"Ren, Mari, we caught many...!" Jinguji turned around and noticed that their friends were gone.

"Eh? Where are they?" Rin looked around.

'Thank you Ren and Mari! I'll do my best!' Jinguji grinned. "Don't worry! I'm sure they're enjoying right now! Maybe they got bored waiting for us haha!" Jinguji was trying to persuade Rin to stop looking for the two.

"Hahaha, I guess so huh. You know, I think they look cute together hahaha!" Rin crossed her arms. While talking about their friends, they walked and explored the park.

Meanwhile, Ren and Mari were also having fun. They played various games and won two stuffed toys.

"Here, this one's for you and this one's for me." Ren gave the blue teddy bear to Mari and kept the pink one.

"Huh? But don't you like the blue one?" Mari asked.

"No, I like this one," Ren hugged the pink teddy bear. "I chose this because I'll think that you're this pink teddy bear whenever I miss you. That way, I won't be too lonely when I can't see you right?" Ren flashed a thumbs up. "You do the same Mari-chan!" Ren pointed at the blue teddy bear. He was swift to do his moves towards becoming closer with Mari, but then she was having second thoughts on the development of their friendship.

Mari felt her heart race. She clutched the teddy bear and looked down. Whenever Ren says these kinds of sweet and caring words, her heart always raced. She liked that feeling but at the same time hated it. 'No no no, I can't be like this... But...' Mari's mind was swirling.

"What's the matter Mari-chan?" Ren tilted his head and looked at Mari's face.

Mari was startled. "Ah it's nothing! Thank you for the teddy bear Nagase-kun." She hid her uneasiness with a smile.

"Let's go! Let's eat yakisoba and takoyaki!" Ren exclaimed.

"Un! I'm hungry too!" Mari agreed.

On the other hand, Jinguji and Rin were roaming around the park. It was only a few more minutes before the fireworks so Jinguji had to move quickly. "Ne, I know a better spot where we can watch the fireworks. Wanna go there?" Jinguji asked Rin.

"Sure! But, where is it? With this many people, is that place still a good spot?" Rin questioned Jinguji's suggestion.

"Of course! This place is a secret spot and I'm willing to share it with you! Don't you want that? Hahaha" Jinguji started showing hints of his feelings towards Rin.

Rin blushed. 'What's thiiis? I'm super happy!' She thought. Her face suddenly showed a beaming smile and she ran along with Jinguji. After a minute or two, Rin complained, "are we still far? I'm tired Jinguji!"

"It's near it's near! Just a little more! Come on! Run!" Jinguji held Rin's hand. They both smiled and felt their hearts raced with happiness.

"We're here!" Jinguji shouted.

"Haaah~ I'm so tired!" Rin bent down and closed her eyes.

"Open your eyes, baka! You won't see how beautiful it is here." Jinguji said.

"Huh? But the fireworks hasn't even started----" When Rin opened her eyes, she was surprised to see the amount of fireflies around them. "Woaaah! They're so pretty! Their lights are even reflected on the river!"

"Right? Hahaha this is my secret place! I often went here with my dad to catch fireflies when I was little." Jinguji smiled and winked.

"Ehh~ so you did those things before huh." Rin said.

"Ano sa, call me Yuta now... I mean were close right?" Jinguji did his habit of placing his hand on his neck and faced the opposite direction.

"Y-yuta" Rin shyly mumbled.

'Yosh!' Jinguji calmed himself down. He faced Rin, who was blushing, and then held her shoulder. "Now... That was just a practice okay? Because from now on.... I... I want you to call me with my first name okay? But just say Yuta one more time if you're answer is a yes!"

Rin became confused. "Huh? I don't get it..." She had a bewildered expression.

"I... I have always liked you, Rin! Please go out with me!" Jinguji finally confessed.

Rin was surprised to hear those words from Jinguji. All this time, their feelings for each other were mutual. Tears started flowing out from her eyes.

"Eh?! Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?" Jinguji panicked and wiped her tears.

Rin laughed a little. "Y-yuta..." she mumbled.

"Eh? Eh?! You said my name! Does this mean... It's a yes?" Jinguji couldn't believe what was happening. He wanted to make sure that he understood the situation well.

"Un." Rin nodded. "I like you too, Yuta."

Jinguji was so happy at that moment that he jumped and jumped. "Yattaaaa! I'm Rin's boyfriend! Wooooo!" Jinguji kept shouting.

"Ne, stop it hahaha. Your arm is still injured Yuta!" Rin couldn't contain her laughter.

"Ah you're right hehe. Sorry I was just so overwhelmed!"

It suddenly became quiet. Both of them stared at each other as if they were anticipating for a development to happen. Slowly, Jinguji held Rin's shoulder, closed his eyes, and kissed her on the lips. Rin didn't hesitate and kissed him back.

After the kiss, they felt a bit awkward. It was their first kiss after all! "Anoo..." Rin said. "Hm?" Jinguji replied. "Why don't we call Mari-chan and Ren-kun here? It'll be fun to watch the fireworks together with them." Rin suggested. Even though he wanted a little more time alone with Rin, he agreed since he also wanted to watch the fireworks with his friends. He called Ren and told him the direction to the secret place.

"Okay, we'll be there. Jaa!" Ren ended the call.

"Where are they, Nagase-kun?" Mari asked.

"They're in a secret place! Hehe. Come, let's go!" Ren cheekily said and grabbed Mari's hand again. They ran as fast as they could so that they would get there before the start of the fireworks.

While running, Ren decided to proclaim his current feelings for Mari. "Hah ne, Mari-chan!" Mari couldn't hear him well because of the noise from the crowd so he made his voice louder, "Mari-chan!"

"Eh? Why, Nagase-kun?" Mari did her best to speak loud too.

"Ano ne, now what I'm feeling might be infatuation...but I want to get to know you more! Can you let me in your life too?" Ren got all his remaining courage to ask Mari.

"Uhm... What do you mean?" Mari wanted to avoid the conversation but Ren didn't give up.

"What I'm saying is that I want to know more about you. I want to see you as who you really are...the Mari-chan that can open her heart for me. I'm not saying that you should let me in your heart as a boyfriend. I meant that I want to be friends with you just like how you're friends with Yuta and Rin. I want you to show me the face that you show them. I want to start at that! That's why.... I'll do my best!"

Even though Ren was so embarrassed to say those words, he didn't even stutter once. He was determined to heal Mari's heart.

Upon hearing what Ren said, Mari started crying. They stopped right before arriving to the secret place. She was so touched to hear those words. She tightened the grip of her hand onto Ren's and said, "thank you Nagase-kun! I appreciate it. Honestly, I'm still having a hard time opening up to other people. But hearing what you just said... It made me happy. I'll do my best as well know...for our friendship!" Mari smiled while wiping her tears.

Ren smiled back and said, "mou, don't cry!" He wiped her tears with his thumbs. "Thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance." He patted her head.

"Hora, let's go to Yuta and Rin." Ren exclaimed.

"Yosh! Let's go!" Mari did a fight pose and laughed.

While Mari and Ren were nearing the meeting place, Jinguji and Rin were holding hands. They talked about how and when both of them realized their feelings for each other. They enjoyed each other’s company. The awkwardness and uneasiness that they were feeling before confessing to each other were now lost.

"Oi oi oi! I guess it's a success huh! Congrats you two!" Ren teased them.

Jinguji and Rin turned around and saw their friends. They smiled and invited them to come closer.

"Congratulations! Finally, both of you became honest with your feelings! Don't you know how hard it was to act clueless whenever I'm with both of you! Hahahaha" Mari teased them as well.

"Eh? Mari-chan, Ren-kun, you know about Yuta's confession?" Rin asked.

"Yeah, they helped me plan and prepare. Actually, that's why Mari, Ren and I were always together." Jinguji grinned and did a thumbs up.

"Oh so that's why!" Rin laughed.

"Huh? Why are you laughing, Rin?" Jinguji asked. However, before he could get any answer, he immediately remembered what Mari had just said. "Wait, Mari? You know that Rin likes me too? Eh! Why didn't you say anything?! Mouuu!" Jinguji scratched his head.

"Well, it's not my feelings to tell. Besides, Rin didn't confirm it. Hahaha that's why when I officially found out that you like Rin, I kept on pushing you to confess already right? Hahaha" Mari smirked.

"That's right! Don't shout at Mari! She just didn't want to give any false hopes if ever to both of you hahahaha!" Ren backed up for Mari.

"Ehh~ you two seem to get along well now huh! Hahaha!" Rin bumped Mari's arm.

Mari just smiled while Ren did a peace sign. They all laughed and put their arms around each other. "Yosh!!! To us! We’ll be together forever!" Jinguji cheered. “Wait ouch, Ren you hit my broken arm!...”

*peeew boom* *peeew boom* The fireworks just started. "Wah! Look! They're so pretty!" Rin pointed to the sky. All of them looked with amazement. Ren put his arms around Jinguji's shoulder and whispered, "ne, next time you help me out too okay? I'll properly court Mari!" Jinguji laughed, "of course! Hahahaha! You do your best too Ren!"

"What are you guys talking about?" Mari and Rin asked.

"Ah! Nothing nothing hahaha!" Ren and Jinguji shook their heads.

They all looked again at the sky that was full of colorful fireworks. This was the best festival for all of them. Many things happened but they were able to overcome all of them. That summer was that one summer that changed their lives.

'Ahhh~ so this is the feeling of youth huh.' Jinguji thought and smiled.

The end!~ Or so you thought! This is the end of Summer Love, but will another love bloom even though summer has ended?

Date: 2015-08-10 07:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Friends ang MAREN~☆ wee OMG gettinh to know each other oh. PART TWO. LOVE STORY NAMAN NG MAREN PLEASE ♡

Date: 2015-08-10 07:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Friends ang MAREN~☆ wee OMG gettinh to know each other oh. PART TWO. LOVE STORY NAMAN NG MAREN PLEASE ♡

Date: 2015-08-20 12:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oo naman. Gustong gusto ko kaya. Huhu gawa ka ulit ng bago daliiii


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