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So I decided to translate this because I was really excited and happy hahahaha! Plus it's only short hahaha. I got really excited because it's rare for them to have a conversation or any interaction at all! Plus Inoo is my overall ichiban while Taiga is my close friend's ichiban~ And that friend, who also informed me of this picture, is none other than [ profile] viancii_caramel ♡ yaaay! hahaha

picture credit goes to Manatsu_Pi

This is only a rough translation so please forgive me if there's some mistakes. Please feel free to correct me. :D

P.S. Taiga's last lines were a bit hard to understand T^T

Douzo! ♡ )

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Hello! It's been a while since I posted here. If you're wondering about the "2nd half" from the entry title, it means that this translation is not the full part of the Jr. Awards. The 1st half can be found in my friend's journal: [ profile] viancii_caramel. (Note: Her translations for the Jr. awards is cut into parts.) This took really long because I was distracted with all sorts of things </3 (it took me more than 2 months lol)

Side story for my translation of Inoo's choice of girls from Popolo 2015.09 )

Note: >Pictures used are from [ profile] yoshiko_mama <3
         >My translation is NOT 100% ACCURATE.
         >Feel free to say any corrections. :)
         >Please credit this journal if reposting quotes(only) from this entry.

Click here for the translation )


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