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Hello! It's been a while since I last posted here. I decided to translate BEST's crosstalk in Wink Up September 2017 issue. BEST said a lot of random things here so I hope you enjoy reading it! :)

5 years Since BEST’s last get-together!

“(absent-mindedly) It would have been better to do the photoshoot inside a cool (as in cold) studio.”

Yabu: With this, it’ll be BEST’s first time to be on WINK UP’s cover photo! And in a house boat too!

Inoo: Iya~ It was relaxing huh. The wind felt so nice~

Hikaru: Instead of increasing our tension, it was too relaxing and was unexpectedly comfortable. (laughs)

Daiki: Yeah. We ate lunch and ice cream, and eventually forgot about the photoshoot. Everyone was lying down. (laughs)

Takaki: But isn’t that BEST-like? Even in a get-together, the atmosphere is like that. We were eating quietly at first but after a few minutes, all of us confirmed with each other saying, “isn’t this great?” Today was surely a BEST get-together. (laughs)

Inoo: The food was more delicious than I expected. I was surprised! The tempura, karaage and other food as well were all delicious. Why was our photoshoot in a house boat in the first place? 

Daiki: Yabu-chan and I requested for it. It was a great idea, right?

Takaki: (absent-mindedly) For me it would have been better to do the photoshoot inside a cool (as in cold) studio.

Yabu and Daiki: Oi!!

Takaki: just kidding! House boat was the right place since there was zero sense of “work place.” (laughs)

Hikaru: I wonder why huh? Is it the holding power of the tatami? Maybe it’s in Japanese people’s DNA that they cannot help but relax on a tatami? (laughs)

Inoo: and the room’s feel too? If I must say, this is a complete private room. 

Hikaru: And what surprised me was that a small ice cream store on a boat went to our house boat and sold us ice cream! That was the first time I knew about something like that.

Yabu: For this get-together, the staffs bookmarked this place. The roles for today are opening remarks for Hikaru and I, mood maker for Takaki, photographer for Inoo, and closing remarks for Dai-chan.

Daiki: I already feel the pressure for my role.

Hikaru: And I think this is usual for BEST get-togethers that we suddenly start doing karaoke even if we are not asked by the staffs to do it. (laughs)

Inoo: iya~ As expected, we ended up singing our debut song first!

Daiki: It livens up the mood~

Hikaru: As expected, when it comes to our debut song, we remember so many memories. 

Daiki: What kinds of memories do you remember, Hikaru-kun?

Hikaru: Hmm…things like filming for the drama [Ikemen Desu Ne] and how busy Tama and Taipi were at that time come to my mind. Things like those, I guess?

Inoo: While you were looking back at those memories, we were singing Kisumai’s debut song, “Everybody Go” (laughs)

All together: It was for thaaat~? HAHAHAHA

Yabu: We sang the full chorus together! Halfway through was Dai-chain’s “That’s Right!” It was good that you had the momentum!

Inoo: It was good but his impostor’s vibe was strong, right? (laughs) But Takaki had more Kisumai vibe than I thought.

Takaki: I had that vibe huh (laughs). Then after that, we were able to unexpectedly see a YabuHika version of Kinki Kids’ “Garasu no Shounen” 

Daiki: When I jokingly murmured, “We want to see YabuHika sing Garasu no Shounen~,” they actually sang it! They did some light choreography too, right!

Takaki: They faced each other and sang shyly too even if we didn’t tell them to do so. (laughs) They let us see something good!

Hikaru: It’s because they made us sing it in Shounen Club when we were still juniors.

Takaki: That’s right. I remember you two frequently wore Kinki Kids’ costumes. 

Yabu: yeah. And also Tackey and Tsubasa’s “Yume Monogatari.” We sang it so much to the point that I couldn’t count how many times we did.

Daiki: “Yume Monogatari!” At that time, I back-danced for that song a lot~ I think even if I reach 100 years old and my family would call me “grandpa,” I would still stretch my arms and end up moving along when this song plays. (laughs)

Yabu: I think I’ll be like that too~ I think I will never forget the steps to that song. During the later half of the karaoke, I selected songs of Mori Shinichi-san. And Hikaru chose…?

Hikaru: Tendo Yoshimi-san’s!

Takaki: At the end we all sang “Sarai!”

Daiki: Even from those song selections, I was surprised to see that we’ve become adults. (laughs)

Inoo: We said, “let’s sing JUMP’s songs together,” to the other people in the house boat, but since they were from Matsuda Seiko’s generation, they subtly conveyed to us that they didn’t know about JUMP’s songs that much. (laughs)

Daiki: We need to do better!! The staffs said it earlier but it seems like it’s been 5 years since our last BEST get-together.

Inoo: So we didn’t have a get-together for 5 years huh!

Takaki: But last time we suddenly had one, right?

Hikaru: Yeah. But I wasn’t able to go since I had some plans that I couldn’t let go. Talking about BEST get-together, we almost always had a corner where we ask each other about our type of girl, right? (laughs)

Daiki: Yes yes! And then we also had this rule where the person asking shouldn’t give a negative opinion on the answers (laughs).

Inoo: We only said positive things like, “Ah, I see. Those kinds of girls are good too.” It was like a light recital (laughs).

Yabu: Then let’s do a latest version of it! Hikaru, what type of girl do you like now?

Hikaru: Now? Hmm…I still like a person who’s neat.

Yabu: Ohh, that’s good!

Hikaru: And then a girl with a soft voice. And a girl with a healing kind of tone when she talks is also good. I wonder if it’s because I’m a bit tired? (laughs)

Daiki: I get what you mean! That’s good! That’s good!

Hikaru: But I want her to have a core too. For example, when I do something wrong, she’ll strictly say her opinion too. What about you, Yabu? What type of girl do you like?

Yabu: Hmm let me see. I’m someone who gets fired up when it comes to the things I like so a girl who looks at me and smiles while I’m getting hyped up is good. 

Takaki: That’s good! You’ll get relieved.

Hikaru: Like while watching soccer matches, someone who enthusiastically comments on it?

Yabu: yes, that’s right. What about you, Dai-chan?

Daiki: Maybe my type of girl changed in the past 5 years.

Yabu: It changed? I’m looking forward to hearing about it. Can you tell us about it?

Inoo: Everyone’s reaction is mild and kind (laughs).

Daiki: Because this is the usual BEST get-together. No one says any negative comments. (laughs) Before, I said that my type of girl is someone who’s fun to be with or someone who’s cheerful and laughs a lot, right? Of course, that type of girl is also good but now I also think that someone who’s values matches with mine is also important.

Hikaru: (cannot endure it anymore) AHAHAHA!!

Daiki: Oi!! Why did you burst out laughing?! It’s a violation of our rule! (laughs)

Hikaru: Because you were talking about it so seriously… Sorry sorry. Continue~

Takaki: I was properly listening.

Inoo: me too! It’s not an endurance tournament after all. (laughs)

Daiki: Even I have times when I want to seriously talk about things! Someone who has the same humor as me and who understands me is a good point. Yeah, I somehow became an adult.

Yabu: Good! That’s wonderful!

Daiki: How about you Takaki?

Takaki: I wonder what…Someone who gets hyped up with the same hobbies that I have like motorcycle touring or car racing. In fact, we’ll get a motorcycle license.

Yabu: A girl with a sense of adventure.

Daiki: Someone who suits a leather jacket and such?

Takaki: ah~ that’s good!

Yabu: Like Mine Fujiko from Lupin huh?

Takaki: Mine Fujiko-chan is good!

Hikaru: Yeah. Someone like her suits Yuya. Mine Fujiko-chan beside Yuya…it matches!

Takaki: Thank you for agreeing to that extent. (laughs)

Yabu: How about you, Inoo?

Inoo: uhm..someone who calls me 50 times in 10 minutes if I didn’t notice her incoming call.

All: !!!

Yabu: eh..EHH~?! Oops, I can’t give a negative reaction. Yeah, that’s one way to express love too.

Daiki: With just that, it’s like she’s worrying about you. Always thinking about her boyfriend.

Hikaru: You’ll be super tied up.

Inoo: yup.

Daiki: with that, you’ll feel loved.

Inoo: yup.

Hikaru: yeah, maybe that’s good. I think it matches Ino-chan.

All: *silence*

Hikaru: Ino-chan, were you serious about that? (laughs)

Yabu: iya~ If that’ll really be the case, it’ll be intense. Calling 50 times in 10 minutes will mean that her name will be the only one you’ll see on your phone record.

Daiki: To be honest, that’s a bit scary. (laughs)

Inoo: What’s with this?! Why were there negative reactions only in my answer?! Well, it’ll be hard to do~

Takaki: I can’t tell if what Inoo-kun said was true or not. (laughs)

Yabu: But it’s good that we were able to double check our type of girl after 5 years. Oh! And if BEST spends our day-off together, what are your proposed plans?

Hikaru: Ahh, that’s a good idea. Since all of us are now adults, I want to ask your recommendations for things that we can do on day-offs!

Takaki: I have one! Go-Kart! I want to try having a full-scale race with BEST!

Daiki: that seems good! I also want to try that!

Hikaru: I’m interested in doing that too.

Inoo: In what kind of world (do we do racing)?

Takaki: It’s fun but I have fear of speed. However, it becomes a feeling of “wanting to do the next race again.”

Daiki: heee~ scary. The karts run on a circuit, right?

Takaki: yes. It’s 1 km in 1 perimeter per lap but the speed feels like 200 km per hour in reality. If you don’t put on a protector and if you drive like how you would in game center racing games, you’ll fracture your bones. It’s about that amount of force. 

Hikaru: Uwa! It’s that strong!

Yabu: Even if you don’t crash?

Takaki: Yes. But if you properly wear a protector and don’t do any absurd actions, then there won’t be any problems. To raise the time, you must make a last moment challenge. That’s where the satisfaction comes.

All: Ohh!~ It seems fun!

Takaki: Inoo-kun seems like he’ll forcefully attack his way to the corner. (laughs)

Inoo: I haven’t tried Go-kart but it sounds fun.

Daiki: Everyone’s personality would seem to show. I really want to go there now! What about you Inoo-chan, what kind of day-off would you plan to do?

Inoo: I have a license for driving small ships so what about going to the sea with me driving a ship?

All: OH~~~

Inoo: I think with my license, I can also drive this houseboat that we’re riding now. 

Yabu: You’re amazing! I feel like someone with amazing ability appeared right before me. (laughs)

Inoo: I was free during my school days but it’s also useful for work so I’m glad I got a license for driving small ships.

Hikaru: That’s great! I want you to take me to a place with good scenery. To cruise on a ship driven by a member on a day-off…What a wealthy group we are! (laughs)

Inoo: But it’s a shame that it’s not my cruiser (laughs)

Takaki: But it’ll definitely raise our tension, right?

Daiki: Then we’ll go fishing and such.

Hikaru: That’s a good idea. I want to go fishing! I used to fish a lot before.

Takaki: I also like fishing!

Yabu: I also want to try but, I hate when the fishing line gets tangled up (laughs)

Daiki: Ah! I get that! Untangling it would be so irritating, right?

Hikaru: I’m the type of person who carefully untangles the fishing line so if that happens to Yabu, I’ll untangle it for him. 

Yabu: Oh~ Thank god!

Daiki: I would like to try fishing if the bait is not an insect because I probably won’t be able to touch earthworms and such.

Takaki: If you fish in the sea, then it’s fine!

Daiki: Thank goodness! Then let’s all go fishing in the sea with the ship that Ino-chan will drive!

Inoo: Sounds great! What about you Dai-chan, what plan would you do?

Daiki: Eh~ I wonder what… What kind of world do I know? Hmm… I know! Let’s go shopping in a big shopping center in my hometown.

Inoo: Are you a middle school student from the countryside? (laughs)

Daiki: Don’t make fun of Chiba! There’s lots of sweets shops in that shopping center. It’s fun there!

Hikaru: Are you going to buy us clothes?

Daiki: Well, it can’t be helped. But only 1 for each of you! …Oi, why do I have to buy clothes for you! (laughs)

Yabu: It certainly feels like a middle schooler’s Sunday plan but with this member lineup, it might surprisingly be exciting. Are there any game centers?

Daiki: There is! There is!

Yabu: Then, I’ll go.

Daiki: Yossha!

Takaki: It’s becoming more and more like a middle schooler’s Sunday. (laughs) But we really did go to game centers a lot when we were juniors, right?

Hikaru: We did! We did! Although I think the people we came to game centers with were different. At that time, I played the coin game until my hands become completely black. 

Inoo: How nostalgic! I was also included in the coin game faction. Now I want to play it again.

Daiki: Right? Right?

Daiki: It’s fun to spend one day in a shopping center!

Takaki: When you say shopping, recently it’s been Shibuya or Omotesando, right? So this just means we shouldn’t forget where we started [since Daiki suggested a local shopping center] (laughs).

Yabu: By the way, I still go to game centers.

Takaki: Me too, actually. (laughs) Game centers are fun! What about you Yabu-kun, what’s your idea?

Yabu: Hmm. As Takaki said, people from places like Shibuya, Harajuku, and lower north part know even Johnny’s talents. What about meeting up and strolling along lucky omen temples? Ever since I was a student until now, I go strolling so I know good restaurants in small back alleys.

Daiki: Lucky omen temples are great!

Yabu: I take strolls along Inokashira park. There’s a café with a great atmosphere nearby.

Inoo: Relaxing in a temple’s café with BEST… super peaceful (laughs)

Daiki: And you know a lot about bath-houses, right Yabu-chan? Take us around bath-houses too~

Yabu: Oh! Bath-house sounds good!

Takaki: Yabu-kun, you like sauna too, right? (laughs)

Yabu: (with a proud face) I always go to saunas!

Daiki: Are there any more groups who like sauna? Kisumai’s Senga-kun likes it too, right?

Yabu: Yup. Kitayama also frequents in saunas. 

Hikaru: I actually started visiting saunas too.

Takaki: I’m on the verge of frequenting saunas.

Inoo: I’m more into stone sauna than a normal sauna.

Hikaru: Are you an OL (Office lady)!! (laughs)

Inoo: But I wonder why the more you get older, the more you get into saunas? (laughs)

Yabu: It feels good when you sweat in the sauna. And the food you eat after going into a sauna tastes good too!

Hikaru: Starting from Dai-chan, the day-off plans have become more and more like a normal person’s day-off plan (laughs)

Yabu: Then let’s go on a trip in order to go to a sauna. There’s this sauna in Shizuoka that’s rumored to be Japan’s number 1. The water used in the bath….

Daiki: Ah! I know that! The water is spring water, right?

Yabu: Oh! Dai-chan knows it~! If everyone goes together and stays overnight, won’t it be exciting? We’ll eat delicious local food too.

Inoo: That’s great. BEST is enthusiastic with those kinds of things (laughs)

Yabu: And there’s this secluded hot spring in Yamagata which we introduced in a tv program. I went there and tried it.

Daiki: eh? You actually went there?

Yabu: I did. The water from the actual source (of the hot spring) and the water from a waterfall is mixed and then it becomes a waterfall lake hot spring. You have to wear trunks there but I want to take you guys there! It was really great!!

Takaki: Uwa! I’d like to go!

Daiki: We went snowboarding before. We went quite far huh. But lately we don’t go anymore. Yabu-chan’s bath-house and hot spring trip recommendation is good! What about you Hikaru-kun?

Hikaru: Osaka’s theme park! Although I think you guys already went there many times because of location shooting or work…

Yabu: I haven’t gone there for a while.

Hikaru: Right? Recently, I’ve enjoyed it completely. 1 day is not enough. It changed so much.

All: Ohh~

Yabu: The last time I went there was for Ya-ya-yah tv program. 

Hikaru: Really?! You can normally go to Tokyo’s theme park, right? But if BEST goes to Osaka, I’m sure it would be so fun.

Inoo: If we go to that theme park, something in us might start! (laughs)

Takaki: My hometown is in Osaka so I’ll be in charge of finding delicious restaurants!

Daiki: Oh! That’s good! Then, Yabu-chan will be in charge of finding a good sauna in Osaka (laughs)

Inoo: Then, I’ll borrow a ship in Osaka port? (laughs)

Daiki: Then lastly, although it’s not in my hometown, we’ll go shopping in Osaka’s shopping center and play in the game center…It’s perfect! (laughs) As we were talking, it seems like we’ll arrive in the harbor.

Takaki: ah~ it’s already over huh. We need to go to our next job. Back to reality in an instant (laughs)

Yabu: Then for closing remarks, Dai-chan please!

Daiki: I didn’t forget. (laughs). Today, this get-together was prepared for us, BEST. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. After 5 years, we were able to hold a fun BEST get-together again. I’m so happy and thankful that BEST was able to be in the magazine cover photo this time. To all the fans and staffs, we will do our best with all our might so please continue supporting even this kind of BEST and JUMP. From now on too, please take care of us!

Hikaru: So serious! (laughs)

Inoo: Your closing remarks is so long~

Daiki: (ignoring Hikaru and Inoo) Although it’s a bit troublesome, let’s finish the party with 10 claps (note: This is a tradition in Japan where they end an event/party/get-together with a clap. It’s usually just 1 clap but I think since it’s JUMP’s 10th year anniversary, maybe that’s why Daiki wanted to do 10.)

All: Okay, let’s clap 10 times!

Daiki: Yo~! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Thank you very much!

Note: I'm not a native Japanese and English speaker so there might be mistakes. I had a difficult time translating some sentences especially Takaki's car racing part. 


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